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About Us

“The Bucket” was formed in 2017 to be a place where anyone could visit and enjoy a little West Virginia hospitality, some good entertainment, tasty food and a great atmosphere!  You should expect to enjoy the patio area in the summertime and the outside bar area as well in the winter.  The inside has a fantastic and modern LED backlit bar top with color change and an amazing cold selection of cold beer and local brews “we have the coldest around”.  We invite you to come and sit for a spell and have some great food, cold drinks and live music.  You want family friendly?  The bucket is family friendly, bring the kids and watch the game…..  We don’t turn the kids away until after 9 on Friday and Saturday  (cause the adults have to have a little fun time occasionally).   If you want to know where its happening at “its at the bucket” 4030 Washington St. West Dunbar WV 25312.  Yall come and enjoy!!!